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Extractor and Cage

This tool is used in conjunction with a yawn, providing maximum convenience when removing the hook with bait from the mouth of the fish. This metal rod has a fork tip, with which you can hook a stuck snap. The extractor can be inserted only after placing the yawn in the mouth of the fish.

The tool is buried along the forearm, up to the bend. The fishing line should maintain a slight tension. Having picked up the stuck element, it is removed.
This element is necessary to preserve the catch. The cage is a mesh structure, shaped like an ordinary bucket or can. It is equipped with a handle, and the cell sizes are selected based on what kind of fish is being caught. They are usually quite small, preventing accidental jamming of prey between grid elements.

The main requirement for a cage is sufficient storage space for the catch. The larger it is, the better the inhabitants of the reservoir will feel. In addition, it is important to choose the right location of the tackle. It should not be placed on the bottom or near the surf line.


There are several types of such accessories at once.

Protective glove. It provides maximum protection of the skin of the hands from injury. The increased coverage area prevents the rod from sliding in the palm of your hand. These accessories are well suited for the operation of carp rods with two washers of the reel holder. Usually only the ring finger and little finger remain open.

Textile fingertip. These products have good contact abilities. In addition, they retain sensitivity when controlling bites. Models made of fabric are worn only on the index finger, have a lock on the wrist. This is a good choice for tempo fishing, in which the casting of rigging alternates with the preparation of baits.

The fingertip is made of genuine leather. These products are more resistant to wear. Leather models are made of fine, well-dressed raw materials. They provide a sufficient compromise between sensitivity and wear resistance, and are well suited for use in a humid environment.
The choice of a fingertip for fishing largely depends on the methods of fishing. For example, with a heavy spode rod, it is better to use leather models during the casting of bait. Fabric is chosen for the dry season and high rates of shrinkage.

Dishes for fishermen

Going on a long fishing trip – at night or for 2-3 days, you should stock up on the necessary set of dishes that allows you to successfully deploy a field kitchen almost anywhere. Let’s analyze what will definitely be among the necessary accessories.

A bowler hat. A metal camping accessory necessary for cooking fresh fish soup or porridge. You can choose a steel or copper version, use models with and without a lid. The capacity of the dishes is calculated based on the number of consumers – on average from 0.5 liters per person.

Dish. It is better to buy a tin version – practical, not afraid of damage, easy to clean in field conditions. The use of plastic or disposable tableware is considered bad form in the fishing environment.

Cup. It can be enameled or tin, you can also purchase a thermovariant that preserves the set temperature of the drink well.

Tableware. A reliable knife, fork and spoon – this set is quite enough to cook and eat prey.

Teapot. If you can just boil water in a pot, then only this element of the hiking kit will help you treat yourself to a freshly brewed collection of herbs. The kettle should not have plastic elements. In addition, you need to make sure that the steel or enameled housing does not leak.

Frying pan. An optional element, but a pretty good help in a protracted fishing session. When boiled and fried dishes get boring, you can just cook scrambled eggs or make an omelet for breakfast.

A pot or tray. In this dish, fish is pickled in nature, salted, and the butchered prey is stored.